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1993 wurde die 'Avengers Charter' von Autor Larry Hama aktualisiert und so ergänzt, daß die Satzung (Rechtsvorschrift) die internationale Tätigkeit der Avengers berücksichtigt.
Im Avengers Anniversary Magazine (11/1993) gaben Editor Mark Gruenwald und Larry Hama dazu ein Interview (nachstehend ein Auszug davon):
"There's a new charter now", Gruenwald noted, "one that internationalizes the team. It's all Larry Hama's doing.
When Larry came in to write THE AVENGERS, he decided that the old charter didn't really make sense in terms of the scope of Avenger operations. The team seemed to be doing things entirely undreamed of in their charter. Larry thought it would be a good idea to change the charter, update it, especially in the areas the group's adventures were leading them into. He saw differences between the activities that were going on and what the charter said were supposed to go on--and they bothered him."

"That's right"
, Larry Hama confirmed. "There are things in comics that impinge on the real world, and when they're wrong, that just bothers me. As a writer, I ask questions: How can these guys just go across a border and do this stuff? Are they liable to lawsuits? That kind of thing. When I took the AVENGERS, I asked to see the charter, and found that a lot of it was kind of outdated."

. . .

"After all, what's the use of having all these powers if you can't, say, cross the border into Canada?", he questioned.
"So I figured we should revise the charter, change it so it fit into the real world--if the real world had people who could fly and have beams come out of their eyes!"

. . .

"The Charter is important to the Avengers", Hama pointed out. "It makes them something more than just vigilantes. That is its main purpose--it ensures against the Avengers being just a group of total civilians operating outside the law.

When we amended the charter to handle that, to take care of those basic needs, giving the Avengers a certain amount of deputorial power and the ability to exercise it wherever it was needed, my main worries were resolved."
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